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Motivation and Support to
Live a Healthier Lifestyle

At Live Like You Give A Fit, we take a holistic approach to help you create a healthier lifestyle that fits your goals and life. With determination and discipline, you can meet your goals by not having to give up everything.

stay fit naturally

The biggest muscle you’ll workout while becoming fit is your brain! Adjusting your cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns when it comes to health and fitness will by far, be your biggest challenge. Not to worry, because we are a team of certified fitness experts eager to share healthy and natural strategies to help you get fit and stay fit. You can do this!

your health matters

In a world filled with artificial ingredients and intelligence, there is nothing artificial about your health. Your health matters and it’s about time to start acting like it! You have the power and the ability to change your life by investing in your health and overall wellness. Commit yourself to recondition the way you feel about your body and fuel it with healthy foods and activities to keep you fit. 

live fit now

Make your big flex your fitness! There is nothing more rewarding than fitting into your favorite jeans and everything just sits nicely or the rush of buying new clothes because you are drowning in your old ones. Listen, you too can have the healthy-ever-after story! We offer customized programs that are designed specifically for you and your fitness goals. Let’s start!

if not for you, then who?

Your health and wellness is your immunity in this game of life. Play to win, by taking your health seriously and starting your fitness journey today. Whether your fitness motives are to enhance overall performance, tone up, snapback or just have a lifelong love for self-improvement, we are excited to help you meet those fitness goals. 

start living like you give a fit and reach results

The proof is in the pudding they say, oops! Sorry if that made you want a snack now, which is okay because the programs that we offer allow you to enjoy the food you love and still meet your fitness goals! Yup, with determination and discipline, you can meet your goals without feeling like the odds are against you once the weekend comes or the holidays roll around. Check out the programs, merchandise, and coaching services all designed to help you on your fitness journey. 


Carmalita Deeton

Our Founder that Gives a Fit!

An accomplished, certified coach and trainer.


Having always been interested in health and fitness, Carmalita's passion was accelerated when she first discovered complex workouts and their impact on her when combined with a diet.

Our Founder's infectious positive attitude has impacted our clients' to live a healthier lifestyle in a way that is maintainable. 

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Dominique Bidden

Our Coach That Gives a Fit!

Coach Domo is our certified training and fitness specialist.


As an athlete and steward of fitness for over 20 years, Coach Domo takes physical and mental health as a top priority.


Alongside Live Like You Give A Fit, Coach Domo is a husband and a father to two boys. He certainly knows what it takes to fit a healthy lifestyle into a busy family routine.

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Do you need motivation and accountability through your fitness and health journey?

 Live Like You Give A Fit has a mission to:

  • build a community of individuals who are all on the same mission to establish a healthier lifestyle

  • help individuals stay healthy and get fit

  • change the narrative of healthy body images by encouraging natural remedies and setting realistic goals

Resting After Workout

Thanks For Giving A Fit!

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